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Stella and Sage, formerly known as The Flea Market Nomad, originated in a 550 sq ft apartment during the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. Shop owner, Gabriella, always had a love for home decor and interior decorating ever since she was young. Growing up, she would always switch up the decor in her bedroom and constantly change the paint color on the walls. This passion only intensified once she moved out and had a place of her own. 

Gabriella loves sourcing all sorts of different decor for her home - from vintage, preloved, handmade and new. She decided to bring this passion full circle and share it with each and every one of you. This is how Stella & Sage was born. Gabriella carefully and thoughtfully sources pieces in which she feels would make a house feel like home. She specializes in neutral and organic décor, incorporating a lot of texture to bring depth to a room. Many of these beautiful items are heirloom pieces that are meant to be held onto and passed down for

generations to come.

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